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Rent Textbooks

Every dollar is vital in college, if there are used textbooks in good condition, you do not need to buy a new ones. Money saved on textbooks is money you can spend on your other academic needs. Proper money management is an essential part of academic success. A textbook whether new or used serves the… Continue Reading

Master the Basics – Attendance and Punctuality

Academic success begins in the classroom, in order to be successful in your academics; you must fully understand the course material. Furthermore, to understand the course material you must attend all lectures as related to the course. When you miss a class, you miss important information that you might have to catch up to, and… Continue Reading

Federal Work Study Program

Work study serves many purposes, the most important of all is its flexibility, it allows you to work and earn some cash without interrupting you studies. When you file your FAFSA at the beginning of the year, you are able to indicate through a check box whether or not you are interested in student employment…. Continue Reading