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Master the Basics – Attendance and Punctuality

Academic success begins in the classroom, in order to be successful in your academics; you must fully understand the course material. Furthermore, to understand the course material you must attend all lectures as related to the course. When you miss a class, you miss important information that you might have to catch up to, and in catching up, you miss other lectures.

A good student will avoid this vicious cycle. Besides being present for lectures, your attendance may also help decide your final grade, let say you did all the work required of the course, you took all the quizzes, handed in all assignments, completed all extra credits and you still happen to fall in between the borderline of two grades, your attendance record could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, that is; whether you will end up with an ‘A’ or ‘B.’ Taking your attendance record into consideration, your professor could bump you up from the borderline between ‘B’ and ‘C’ to the final grade of ‘B.’

A prudent student will attend each and every one of his or her classes. Not only should you attend all classes; a good student is always punctual. You should arrive at least 10 minutes before class, it gives you the time to make mental adjustments, especially if you just finished off another lecture, it also gives you the time to settle in, gather your thoughts and prepare to absorb the lecture, a student who takes his or her classes seriously takes academics seriously.

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